Make your Marketing More Effective with these Amazing Techniques

360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-on

This add-on can help you transform your marketing cloud operations by making them convenient and cost-effective.

Using this add-on, you can make your marketing cloud mobile studio messaging 670 times cheaper.

Usually, it takes 40 credits to send one text message from a marketing cloud mobile studio, but using this add-on, you can send messages at a regular price.

Besides, the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-on allows you to compose and send messages much faster as you no longer have to take the help of Tasks in the marketing cloud.

You do not need to build automation to schedule text messages.

Instead, you can import SMS templates from the 360 SMS and edit them, merging custom field values if required.

More importantly, you can create messages using drag-and-drop capabilities, which makes message composition faster.

With this add-on, you gain insights into the Salesforce marketing cloud and 360 SMS meaningful data to effectively run more targeted campaigns and market.

Another benefit of using this add-on is repurposing existing marketing cloud data by applying filters and reusing it for mobile-first marketing campaigns.

360 SMS Drip Campaigns

This is another 360 SMS capability that can help you with effective marketing.

Using the 360 SMS drip campaign capability, you can schedule a series of messages at various stages of a customer lifecycle. You can schedule messages defining the date and time.

Also, you can set text messages by offsetting the number of days, hours, and minutes for meaningful conversations.

You can nurture leads, re-engage, maximize responses, and drive more purchases using SMS drip campaigns.

You can run multi-channel drip campaigns and engage with audiences on different communication channels for more responses.

The best part is that you can even send emails along with text messages on other channels to market your business offerings the way you want.

This way, you can redefine your marketing strategies and improve your returns.

Results Reported by Our Users

Here are some interesting outcomes based on the experiences and interviews with some of our 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on and SMS drip campaign users

Marketing returns increase by 100% due to cost-effective text messaging from the marketing cloud.

Marketing campaign activity increased 5x

Dramatic returns far above 20x with messaging on marketing cloud add-ons due to comparably minuscule cost (670x less) of messaging

Great App, Great Team!
360 SMS has been great to work with. The SMS 360 app has a lot of great texting features, including Drip Campaigns

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve just seen how effective and powerful these add-on and SMS drip campaigns can be for marketing, you can use these to improve your marketing pursuits.

Besides cutting back on marketing expenses, suggested techniques help you perform your marketing operations more conveniently and get into meaningful conversations with your audiences. Thus, you can quickly boost your marketing returns and sales.

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