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Salesforce Text IntegrationUpgrading Salesforce for Better Communication? Here’s The Kind of Salesforce Text Integration you Need

The ability of text messages to connect with audiences, irrespective of their location, has made it a reliable source to interact with prospects and customers. It provides a reliable communication channel, allowing businesses to reach customers without internet connectivity.

Due to this, text messaging in Salesforce has become one of the top priorities for getting the best tools and technology for effective business communication.  

Even statistics also show how leaned people are toward texting for simplified communications.

According to the eWeek report, text messaging is the most preferred method for customers to get resolutions for their issues, which is an emerging opportunity for firms to increase customer satisfaction.

But when it is about making the most of text messaging in Salesforce, choosing Salesforce text integration without knowing what messaging routines you should get won’t help.

If you’re looking forward to incorporating texting capabilities in Salesforce, your approach would be to get maximum messaging routines and advanced capabilities for Salesforce messaging. And 360 SMS is an app that can conveniently meet all your messaging requirements.

To understand its features, it is essential to find out what you can do with this app, and this is what you will learn in this article.

Salesforce Text Integration for Advanced Messaging

360 SMS is a robust two-way Salesforce messaging solution that has facilitated its users with simplified communications, reduced time of text operation, high user adoption, and convenience. 

Let’s look at what you can get from 360 SMS for Salesforce text integration.

Peer-to-Peer Messaging

While conversing with prospects or customers, employees’ efficiency decreases when they frequently switch between a laptop and company mobile phones.

Also, it causes inconvenience to employees while chatting with customers, which extends the time frame of chat sessions.

For faster and more convenient one-on-one conversations, 360 SMS provides an easy and intuitive chatting interface usable for all the channels that 360 SMS supports.

P2P messaging

Bulk Messaging

The hardest part of bulk messaging is sending messages in batches even when you don’t want to. And this happens when you have certain limitations on audience size while selecting recipients for bulk messaging in Salesforce.

Being familiar with the pain of repeatedly doing the same task and the time invested by employees, 360 SMS allows users to connect with millions in one go without needing to send messages in batches.

You can build your custom list by applying filters and logic to send bulk messages using list views. You can also use campaigns, and Salesforce reports to schedule and send bulk messages when you want to target a large (thousands and millions) audience segment. 

Bulk messaging from Salesforce reports

No-Code Decision Trees

Decision trees have enabled businesses to interact with audiences through questions and optional answers. 

But when the configuration of decision trees is dependent on others, increased business expenses, hard-to-find expertise, and delays in business operations are a few things that you might have to face.

Eliminating all inconvenience while configuring decision trees, 360 SMS lets you configure decision trees yourself without any coding knowledge.

With simple point-and-click, you can get started with text surveys and Salesforce chatbots which you can use to qualify business leads or capture unique data.

Salesforce text surveys

Multichannel Drip Campaigns 

A multichannel strategy for engagement can lead to great success in business.

Configuring multichannel campaigns with the 360 SMS app is a cakewalk and can never be an issue to worry about.

According to Invesp, 11% of marketers say it’s difficult to roll out multichannel campaigns.

As messaging with 360 SMS is all about convenience, you can configure multichannel campaigns with point-and-click.

You can select the channel you want to send each campaign message to without switching tabs. Also, you can schedule each message by defining a date and time or by using an offset field by the number of days, hours, or minutes. 

You can even automate the following action you want to take in response to campaign text or when a URL sent in campaign text is clicked.

Channel selection while configuring drip campaign

Colored Notifications Based on the Time Gap 

When too many messages are received in an inbox, it is tough to priority is which one to respond to first. 

Ideally, the messages you have received first deserve quick attention, so customers do not have to wait so long.

Color-coded unread messages in the 360 SMS app provide an easy way to identify how long ago you received the message. 

These are user-defined color codes, which you can configure to identify which message is received one, two, or three hours back (time gap you can decide yourself). 

This way, you can identify newer and older messages at a glance and prioritize your responses.

Color-coded unread messages

Capability to Ensure Consistency in Sender Identity 

An unknown or unrecognized number is always suspicious for recipients and leads to low responses. 

Whether it is about lead generation, engagement, or conversion, every business needs responses from prospects and customers first. And this is hard to get using new numbers every time you converse with a person.

Consistency in sender identity is vital to instill brand trust and improve brand recall. 

Prospects and customers are more likely to respond when they know who is texting them.

360 SMS provides a capability deemed as a Sticky Sender to ensure consistency in sender identity. With this, it automatically picks up the last used number for texting. 

Also, you can configure criteria based on which you want the sticky sender to pick a number.

CTI and Salesforce Text Integration Together

Business communications are versatile and can take place on any channel. 

360 SMS app understands that well and equips its users with all the capabilities they need to manage call operations effectively along with text operations.

From bulk dialing to call routing, it provides you with all the features to manage calls effectively. It eliminates the need for separate CTI integration in Salesforce.

Compliance Management 

An app compliant by design doesn’t talk about a feature.

Complaint by design app means you can manage all existing and upcoming texting rules and regulations without needing additional setup for compliance. 

You can opt-in or opt-out customers, respecting their interests and preferences.

Opting in or opting out of messages from a specific department, person, or number would not be an issue with the 360 SMS complaints mechanism.

Even to manage opt-outs, it uses AI capabilities and opt-out users based on their intentions rather than sticking to just keywords.

More importantly, you can add custom fields, which makes managing new compliances much easier and smoother.

Setup: Salesforce text Integration with 360 is a Breeze

The 360 SMS setup process is incredibly simple and straightforward. The 360 SMS team is committed to providing support and guidance at every stage of the setup process. Tensuring a seamless experience. Installing the package from AppExchange and accessing its components only takes a few minutes, just like any other managed package. 

What’s more, every license purchase comes with a complimentary implementation service from the 360 SMS Client Success Team. It gives you peace of mind knowing that experts are on hand to help you every step of the way.

Redefine Business Communications with Robust Salesforce Text Integration

Upgrading Salesforce with an SMS integration can significantly enhance customer communication, engagement, and sales. A proper Salesforce SMS integration allows businesses to send targeted and personalized messages, streamline communication, and improve customer experience. 

Businesses should prioritize factors such as ease of use, scalability, easy setup, faster text operations, and customer support when selecting a Salesforce SMS integration. This helps them ensure they choose the right provider. Overall, upgrading Salesforce with an SMS is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their communications and business outreach. 

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The best way to send SMS from Salesforce is by using a third-party app available on the Salesforce AppExchange specifically designed for SMS messaging. Several highly rated SMS applications (such as 360 SMS) are available on AppExchange, which helps you get started with Salesforce messaging. These apps offer a range of features and functionalities, such as two-way messaging, automation, and analytics, and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each business.