WhatsApp for Centralized CommunicationSalesforce WhatsApp Integration for Centralized Communication

These days, businesses focus on multi-channel communication strategy, which obviously brings positive results for organizations. But many times, it turns negative when communications are not centralized.

Teams have to traverse through different systems, files, folders, etc., to collect information and updates required to carry out their tasks. This leads to delays in processes and loss of business opportunities as customers get frustrated.

This is why businesses need centralized communications.

In addition to other channels, we can’t overlook the importance of Salesforce Business WhatsApp for effective communication as it has become a crucial channel to get more customers and quick responses.

So, here is a kind of Salesforce WhatsApp Integration that your business needs for centralized communications.

Super Effective Salesforce WhatsApp Integration for Centralized Communication

Centralized communications have emerged as a necessity for businesses for better team collaboration, informed decision-making, and fast deal closures. And while working with a remote team is even more important.

This is because you want your teams to be accountable, and you can’t be after your remote team members all the time to collect updates regarding client conversations, payment status, etc.

That’s why firms need ultimate Salesforce WhatsApp integration that can help with centralized communications and advanced messaging capabilities.

360 SMS for Centralizing WhatsApp Communications

360 SMS is an effective solution that lets you use business WhatsApp and personal WhatsApp along with many pre-built capabilities.

If you have remote teams, you do not need to buy separate licenses for your team member, and your remote teams do not need a Salesforce instance or org for using WhatsApp.

Your teams can access Salesforce without installing it in their systems or without being in the office and capture lead details.

If you want to use your personal WhatsApp, we help you with WhatsApp Chrome integration.
For centralized communications, all chat transcripts get stored in your Salesforce.

This helps you stay updated about conversations of your remote team members and clients and if any lead is created in Salesforce, which builds accountability.

You can easily find out whether or not remote team members are responding to a lead because sometimes your sales and service teams might slack off.

What’s More After Data Centralization

It’s not just like a regular Salesforce WhatsApp integration. You get 360 SMS capabilities to use over that integrations.
If you have any other integrated communication channel, you can centralize WhatsApp messages too.

Using centralized data, you can create a chatbot for one-to-one messaging when agents are not available. And when you have agents, you can get into P2P messaging with multiple chat windows open, and you don’t even lose chats if you close them.

With chat transcripts, you can pick up the conversation from where you left off.

Using centralized data, you can pick and choose your audiences by applying filters based on keywords received from audiences. Thus, you can send your next text much faster.

Facilitate Better Collaboration and Decision making with Communication Centralization

With a centralized communication system, it gets easier for teams to streamline decision-making. Plus, they can eliminate repeated questioning, and get essential data at their fingertips to perform tasks efficiently, saving time.

Also, teams can ditch emails, calls, and texts to acquire information from peers to be on the same page. With a unified view of data, teams can be much more responsive and productive. Also, they can run campaigns effectively accessing desired information quickly.

To penetrate deeper into WhatsApp capabilities provided by 360 SMS, turn to our experts at care@360smsapp.com or contact us here.