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Salesforce SMS TemplatesSpending Time Searching the Required SMS Template? Here’s How to Manage Salesforce SMS Templates Better

Salesforce users! Are you tired of spending hours crafting the perfect text message for your marketing campaign, customer service inquiry, or festivals?

Well, say hello to your new best friend: Salesforce SMS templates!

These pre-written messages can save time, increase consistency, and personalize customer communication.

The struggle to create perfect text messages for last-minute campaigns is quite common. Crafting a perfect message can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have limited time to create a campaign.

But don’t worry! Salesforce SMS templates can save you time and help you achieve consistency in your messaging.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can manage templates well and the importance of templates in general. So let’s find out!

Why SMS Templates Matter

Before anything else, it’s essential to understand why SMS templates are important.

Time-saving is one of the top priorities for every business, and SMS templates let you do that conveniently. Whether it is about SMS templates for education, real estate, recruitment, healthcare, or any other, you can have pre-written messages at your disposal.

You can customize them depending on your business requirements. Also, you can accelerate your text operations, saving plenty of time.

Templates also help ensure consistency in messaging, which is essential for maintaining your brand identity.

There are many common use cases where you can automate texts using templates and speed up communications. One example could be reminders.

According to the G2 report, only 20% of firms send reminders through SMS, whereas 83% of people wish to receive appointment reminders via SMS.

More importantly, SMS template creation is not a last minutes game. When creating them, you have proper time, and you’re not in haste, which helps you ensure that your messages are professional and error-free. This can help build customer trust, making them more likely to purchase from you.

SMS templates can save businesses money on marketing and communication efforts. With pre-written templates, businesses don’t have to spend time or money creating unique messages for every communication.

Managing SMS Templates Effectively

Now, let’s talk about why managing templates in folders is essential.

Imagine you have a ton of Salesforce text templates saved in Salesforce, but they’re all mixed up and disorganized.

How do you find the one you need when you need it?

This is where folders come in. Organizing your templates into folders allows you to quickly and easily find the one you need without wasting time searching through all your saved templates. This way, you can accelerate Salesforce text operations.

Tips for Managing SMS templates

Create Folders

The best thing one can do to manage Salesforce text templates is to organize them into folders to send SMS from Salesforce quickly.

The right approach would be to categorize them based on the purpose you have created templates for marketing, promotions, sales, customer service, etc.

Doing this lets you easily find the required templates whenever you need them.

Name Your Templates

Another thing to remember while managing SMS templates is to name them.

Be descriptive with Salesforce text message template names, as this will help you easily identify what each SMS template is created for.

For example, the “Birthday SMS template” is more self-explanatory than “Template 1.”
Update Templates Frequently

Over time, Salesforce text message templates usually go outdated, losing relevancy and accuracy.

Therefore, reviewing and updating them regularly is essential to ensure they’re still relevant and accurate.

For example, when running an SMS campaign, you’ll want to add the latest information in templates.

Use Merge Fields

Merge fields are a perfect solution to personalize your SMS text messages.

So while creating SMS templates in advance, do not forget to use merge fields.

With the help of Merge fields, you can automatically add the selected field and make messages more personal and engaging.

The best part is you can even create and manage personalized voice templates in folders.  You don’t even need Merge fields for this, as voice templates are not text-based.

Test Your Templates

Testing SMS templates is crucial. So, before sending any text, test your templates.

This means sending a test message to yourself or a colleague to ensure everything looks and works as it should.

Managing Salesforce SMS templates effectively is crucial for businesses to save time and ensure consistency in their messaging. With these tips in mind, businesses can achieve more efficient and effective communication, leading to better relationships with their customers and, ultimately, increased success.

Organize Text templates in Folders and Find them in Seconds

Salesforce SMS templates are a powerful tool that can help businesses save time, increase consistency, and personalize customer communication. By managing templates effectively, businesses can ensure that their messages are professional, error-free, and on-brand.

By creating folders, naming templates descriptively, updating them regularly, using merge fields, and testing them before sending, businesses can optimize their communication efforts and achieve better results.

A lack of proper SMS template categorization and folder management can lead to confusion When similar kinds of templates exist. By creating folders and sorting templates according to the different areas of your business, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and promotions, you can easily locate the required template whenever you need it. This approach ensures that you spend less time searching for templates and more time on other important tasks.

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