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Looking Forward to Accelerating Text Operations? Try SMS Templates

Every second matters and can make a notable difference in the text operations turnaround. That’s why marketers and employees keep trying to save every second invested in text operation to communicate faster at scale. Surprisingly, SMS templates go unnoticed as a time-saving component in text operations despite all the effort and prep work.

But SMS templates can make a significant difference in the text operations turnaround and brand reputation. 

So, here’s how you can make the most out of text message templates for your business and reap unique advantages.

What are SMS Templates?

SMS templates are a set of pre-defined content for text messages that you can save for later use.

Also, you can re-use these templates while sending single or bulk messages from Salesforce, which saves a lot of employees’ time and eliminate the need for instant typing work. For each goal you want to achieve, you can create templates in advance.

For example, you can create SMS templates for scheduling meetings and simplify the meeting scheduling process. 

Why Should you Care about SMS Templates

1. Personalization at Scale

Personalized communication plays a vital role in customer engagement. Personalization makes text messages more relevant and meaningful to customers. Consequently, people are more likely to engage in finding texts relatable.

But the challenging part is it could be a strenuous task to personalize each text you send while sending Salesforce text messages at scale. 

Thus, you can create SMS templates in advance for different purposes, adding ‘Merge Fields’ and using them at the time of need. This makes it easier to personalize communications at scale without personalizing each SMS individually.

2. Pre-built Texts to Count On

Creating a text right away consumes more time compared to pre-built text messages. That’s where you can count on text templates to eliminate last-minute work. This is one reason why SMS templates work.

Whether you’re looking forward to sending texts in bulk or automating them, SMS templates eliminate the need for creating a text immediately and provide you with the pre-built solution to coun on for faster communications. 

3. Consistent Brand Voice

A brand has its own method, tone, and voice to communicate with its prospects and customers. 

Thus, all the SMS templates are created keeping in view specified brand guidelines for communication. 

Any random employee drafting a text immediately when needed may reflect inconsistent brand voice and tone. So, message templates are one of the crucial ways to ensure consistency in brand voice.

4. Better Brand Reputation

Every employee holds unique expertise as per their profile. So, you can’t expect them to be a writing expert. This should come as no surprise if your customers witness a lot of grammatical errors or inappropriate selection of words in texts created instantly. This reflects poorly on your brand. 

SMS templates easily let you avoid such scenarios as you can assign template writing to experts. This could help you strengthen your brand presence.

Be Always on Your Toes for Smooth Text Operations

Text templates can serve as an important means to accelerate communications.

It becomes much more convenient to cut back on typing work and personalize interactions at scale with the help of SMS templates. 

With pre-built text templates, you can always be on your toes to cater to any specific messaging requirement. You can create a set of text templates for different departments, purposes, goals, greetings, etc., and use them repeatedly without any last-minute work for smooth text operations. 

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