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Salesforce Viber for Bulk messagingSalesforce Viber Integration for Bulk Messaging

What is essential to penetrate deeper into a specific country or region when scaling a business? It’s audience analysis.

It is essential to understand the people of a particular region to tailor marketing and communication for that market.

Say, if Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia are some of your target countries and region, you can only turn away from a Salesforce Viber integration for business if it’s wildly popular there.

People use Viber for their day-to-day communications. So, targeting them over a platform they like and use often would be prudent for expanding your customer base.

Besides, Viber provides several other perks that help businesses flourish.

Why Integrate Viber with Salesforce?

Improve Business Outreach in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia

Viber is a popular messaging app with a commendable user base of more than 1 billion active users.

Its massive user base makes it a perfect channel to contact potential customers and generate more leads for the business. You can close even more deals using Salesforce bulk messages for Viber.

Ensure Text Deliveries in the Absence of Internet Connectivity

The most significant advantage of using Viber for business is the sure-shot delivery of messages.

In the lack of internet connectivity, Viber business texts use SMS as a fallback, ensuring that your messages will be delivered to recipients.

And to make the best out of the Viber platform, it is essential to get the best capabilities, like advanced bulk messaging for scalable communications.

This is one of the prerequisites for constructive and faster messaging.

Sort of Capabilities your Salesforce Viber Integration should provide for Bulk Messaging

Customizable lists

Say you’ve thousands of customers, and every customer is at a different buying stage. Would you prefer to send the same kind of text to all your customers?

Obviously not, especially when you know how crucial it is to tailor interactions.

You might need to send different messages to different segments of people in bulk.

So, you should be able to send messages in bulk using custom lists.

When you can apply filters, logic, and criteria to create custom List Views, you can target audiences better by segmenting them.

This helps you acquire better returns out of Salesforce Viber bulk SMS.

Viber Bulk Messaging from Campaigns

Say you want to send messages to specific campaign members. Have you ever noticed how tiring it would be for you to find and select each member one by one?

Also, it drains you a lot of time.

If you want to send texts to target members of a specific campaign, you should be able to send Salesforce Viber bulk messages using campaigns.

Bulk messaging from the campaign lets you add new members to the existing campaign or create a new one depending on the business need.

Scalable Viber Messaging to Target Millions

Don’t you think it would be exhausting when your target audience is in the millions, and you’re bound to select only a specific number of audiences in one go?

Yes, it is. You are left with no other option than sending texts in batches.

Repetitive tasks increase the time frame for text operations.

When you have a governor limit on audience size while sending bulk messages, you must send texts in batches when targeting millions.

Therefore, the Salesforce Viber integration should enable you to send messages to millions in one go, saving time and effort.

Be Quick and Efficient by Choosing the Right Viber Bulk Messaging Routine

Salesforce bulk message for Viber is essential for scalable business communications. The lack of best capabilities for bulk messaging may hamper employee productivity, compelling them to perform the same task repeatedly in batches. This reduces their bandwidth for other jobs, reflecting their overall business efficiency.

With different bulk messaging routines, employees can pick the right one depending on the requirements. This allows employees to be more efficient at work; they can target audiences better and drive more responses and returns.

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