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Viber Integration for MarketingSalesforce Viber Integration Service for Marketing

Practically one size only fits some. Similarly, one or two capabilities cannot be enough to perform all Viber text operations. 

A wide range of advanced features is required to help with various tasks that matter to the marketing team, such as consistent follow-ups, instant response, data capturing, and many more.

With bare minimum capabilities like sending and receiving Viber messages, adding new dimensions to Viber marketing takes a lot of work. 

On the flip side, with various Viber messaging routines and advanced capabilities, Marketing teams can be quick and efficient and close more deals, ditching traditional marketing methods.

Let’s find out what kind of Viber integration you should get to constructively perform your Viber marketing operations.

What All you Need for Effective Viber Marketing Operations

Scalable Viber Texting

Marketing is all about improving your business outreach and showcasing your products and services in the best manner to as many people as possible. And Viber provides you with a vast user base.

According to Statista, there were around 1.17 billion users worldwide in March 2020.

For this, you need scalable Viber messaging to target and reach a large segment of audiences in one fell swoop.  All this cannot be done by sending just one or two Viber messages.

Therefore, you should be able to send Viber messages to thousands and millions of audiences. 

This way, you only have to send Viber messages in batches once you want to. So, Salesforce Viber integration for bulk messaging should support various bulk messaging routines.

Granular Controls over Viber Campaigns

With an ultimate Salesforce Viber integration, you can get all the necessary capabilities required to perform various business operations. This includes marketing too. 

Often, marketers have to try new approaches to drive responses from prospects and customers. 

Everyone in the market is running campaigns to capture the audience’s attention. You should be able to run targeted campaigns cleverly.

You should be able to run a single campaign for targeting your customers on Viber, different communication channels ( if they are using any), and through emails. 

Plus, if you’re running drip campaigns, you should have granular controls such as viewing the campaign stage where a customer is, when a campaign stopped, etc., to plan your subsequent messages or campaigns.

Capabilities for Instant Engagement

Just imagine you run a Viber marketing campaign and get back-to-back responses to Viber messages. 

What if you need to handle them better or respond on time? 

Indeed, it will impact your marketing campaign returns. 

It is essential to intervene and get into the conversation without delay to drive conversions and maximize marketing returns.

Your Salesforce Viber integration for marketing should allow you to respond immediately. You should have the capabilities to get notified immediately of every incoming Viber message. 

Also, you should be able to trigger automated responses whenever required. 

Data Capturing without Coding 

The prime requirement to make marketing effective is to know your customers and understand their needs. In the next step, you should present your business offering as a practical solution that can solve their problem. 

You need to run surveys and questionnaires to capture essential data. Therefore, you should be able to configure Viber survey questionnaires and chatbots on your own. 

This will help you eliminate dependency on developers, and you can configure surveys whenever you want to capture unique data.

Redefine Viber Marketing Operations with Advanced Messaging

It takes different approaches to make marketing successful, whether for Viber or any other channel. Sometimes, you must get into a conversation immediately or connect at scale to circulate information faster. With the correct Salesforce Viber integration for marketing, you can get all the essential capabilities you need to market your business offerings in the best manner. You can easily capture data and segment your audiences for targeted marketing campaigns, engage with audiences instantly, and scale communications to improve and perform Viber Marketing faster.

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