Character limit

Everything you Need to Know About Texting Word Length 

SMS may seem small, but it brings unprecedented results when used wisely. Though text messages have a character limit, users can make the best out of the messaging channel, using short and meaningful text messages. Thus, the character limit is a worth considering element while drafting any text message. This would help to convey any information precisely without splitting a single text into too many SMS segments.

Hence, to make the best use of SMS for business, here is what all one should know about texting word length.

What is the texting word length of an SMS?

Texting word length is also called the character limit of an SMS. It is the maximum number of characters one can add in just one single text. And the character limit for on SMS is 160 characters, including spaces. If a user uses more than 160 characters, the text automatically splits into two or more text messages depending on the character limit and shoots up your SMS bills.

What if a user wants to send a larger text message?

If a user wants to send longer information, the person can draft a text message using a maximum of 918 characters. But here’s the catch- The text would split into six messages containing 153 characters each before going out. Also, the users have to pay for six text messages instead of one. Even if a user is sending a text message of 161 characters, an SMS would split into two. One text would consist of 153 characters, and another one would consist of the remaining 8 characters. The longer an SMS is, the more it costs.

Now the chances are high that users might think:

“Why a text holds only 153 characters when the limit is 160?”

The answer to this question is because of the user-data headers (UDH) information. UHD is responsible for the formatting, correct message delivery, and processing of text messages. With the help of UHD information, mobile phones combine the segmented texts, so they appear as one single long message rather than multiple texts on the recipient’s hand-held devices. 

Do messages sent in different languages affect the character limit of an SMS?

Yes, of course. Different languages like Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, etc., consist of Unicode, which limits the character limit to a maximum of 70 characters per text message.

For example: 

The Unicode for basic Latin is 0000—007F

Is the character limit for MMS the same as SMS?

No, not at all. MMS has a much higher character limit compared to SMS. This is because users can send photos, videos, and GIFs to their audiences. MMS can bear the load of a maximum of upto 1600 characters, which users can use to add a visual appeal to their simple text messages.

Consider SMS Segment to Reduce Investments & Improve Returns 

Without a doubt, character limits have a noticeable impact on your SMS bills. Users drafting their text messages or SMS campaigns without considering SMS character limits often end up with unexpected and increased bills, which further impact the overall returns. Thus, by considering texting word length, organizations not only can cut back on investments but improve returns.

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