Salesforce and WhatsApp BusinessWhy should you Integrate Salesforce and WhatsApp Business? 

Behind every activity that people do, there’s a compelling reason.

Similarly, professionals need concrete reasons to take a particular business decision, even if it’s Salesforce and WhatsApp integration.

Though there are several business communication channels that businesses can consider, WhatsApp holds particular importance due to the value it adds to any business.

Salesforce WhatsApp integration has become a popular choice of business ventures to serve customers better and improve customer satisfaction.

So, here are some compelling reasons to understand why Salesforce and WhatsApp Business integration is important.

Why Should you Care about Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

  • Better Brand Relationships

Cementing brand relationships is one of the critical business priorities these days.

And WhatsApp allows you to do that effortlessly by providing you with a complete branded business identity. Relationships are built on trust.

WhatsApp verifies all business accounts before onboarding a user.

A green badge with a tick mark right next to the contact name is one thing that helps win customers’ trust and assures that they are interacting with an authentic and verified business account instead of an imposter.

This lead to more responses and better relationships.

  • WhatsApp is Everywhere

Just think about this, in this fast-paced environment, when everything is at the fingertips of customers, would you like to call them over a clunky landline or drop an email that often went unchecked by the customers?

Probably, No.

Successful firms believe in delivering quality experiences to customers.

So, target customers where they already are. WhatsApp is ubiquitous and allows you to connect with audiences over the most preferred messaging platform for better omnichannel experiences.

Thus, you can interact, educate, and market more effectively. This is why users prefer to integrate WhatsApp with Marketing Cloud apart from Salesforce.

  • Multi-media Messaging for More Creativity

 Salesforce and WhatsApp Business integration provides an easy way for businesses to be creative.

Using its various multimedia formats, you can exchange images, videos, documents, audio, and more.

This helps you get more creative with your business communications and get into more engaging conversations. 

So, with compliant WhatsApp messaging, you can drive more conversions and maximize your revenue.

  • Improved Customer Service

WhatsApp provides a host of features to manage your customer conversations better, which results in customer satisfaction.

You can save WhatsApp replies as templates for most common inquiries and respond in the blink of an eye.

You can add labels to organize chats based on the stage of a sales cycle where a customer is.

Also, you can choose Salesforce WhatsApp integration for messaging automation and automate follow-ups and SMS for chat session renewals.

  • Deeper Market Penetration

What a business owner generally wants for business growth?

More and more target audiences and customers, probably, this is the first thing. 

With 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most used messaging channel globally.

Thus, it allows you to expand your business globally by connecting with global audiences without country-to-country barriers. WhatsApp is on the rise across the world for convenient messaging.

Therefore, you can’t ditch Salesforce WhatsApp integration, especially when your business is client-facing because nowadays almost everyone uses WhatsApp and expect your business presence too.

Improve Business Outreach, Acquire More Customers

With the best Salesforce WhatsApp business integration, businesses get equipped to boost customer satisfaction, earn customer loyalty and improve business reputation. Also, they can increase business outreach by connecting with audiences over the most messaging platform globally.

More importantly, it becomes easier for businesses to acquire more customers by targeting a platform that already has a massive user base. Also, users can deliver a quality omnichannel experience, improving brand image.

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