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WhatsApp Business features5 Striking WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

While thinking of marketing channels for response and engagement, maybe the first thing that comes into your mind is SMS. And that’s obvious for good reasons.

The reach, scalability, and viewership it provides to a brand are unmatched by any channel. But you can’t underestimate the value of other communication channels like WhatsApp for business.

Even WhatsApp provides many striking features for business users to manage operations that you wouldn’t get with the WhatsApp version that people use for their daily interactions.

So, here are some crucial WhatsApp features that you can use to grow your business.

WhatsApp Business Striking Features

Apart from using WhatsApp for internal communications, businesses can use WhatsApp to redefine business communications too with its striking features.

#1) Verified Business Profile for Authenticity

Customer trust is a crucial factor that every business strives for. When potential customers trust your brand, they are more likely to respond and engage.

We can’t ignore that new solutions give rise to new problems and vice-versa. The era of digitalization has also increased online frauds, scams, etc.

Thus, people need concrete reasons to trust a brand before engaging or sharing any information. A branded and verified WhatsApp business profile for WhatsApp Salesforce messaging makes it easier to build customers’ trust and drive engagement.

A green tick mark next to the company name represents a verified business profile. This leaves no room for distrusting any incoming information from such business accounts.

#2) Quick Replies without Chatbot

Businesses often deal with the same kind of inquiries and questions from audiences.

Consequently, support agents need to send similar responses repeatedly, which makes the work cumbersome.

To get around this situation, WhatsApp offers quick replies. Using this capability, you can save common FAQ responses and re-use them whenever required.

This prevents support agents from retyping answers and allows them to be more efficient.

#3) Automated Responses When You’re Away

Not only during business hours, but WhatsApp also allows you to respond to your audiences even during non-working hours.

Engagement is a crucial ingredient to keeping your audiences stuck to your brand. Audiences take no longer than a minute to head to your competitors when they have to wait longer for responses from a brand.

So, WhatsApp allows businesses to automate ‘Away’ messages when they’re not available. Also, you can assure them to expect a response within a defined time.

#4) Labels for Organized Business Chats

Scrolling through the long list of contacts to find a specific customer makes it difficult and time-consuming for businesses to communicate at the right time.

Labels are another striking feature of Whatsapp that allows users to organize their contacts by labeling them.

Firms can label customers depending on which stage of a customer lifecycle they are at (new customer, pending payment, new order, etc.) and chat conveniently without investing time in finding them.

#5) WhatsApp Chat Filtering for Business

Not only specific customers, but you can also find particular chats too using chat filters.

You can filter business chats depending on different categories such as unread messages, WhatsApp groups, broadcast lists, etc.

This makes it easier to locate business chats and manage them conveniently by navigating faster.

Unlock WhatsApp Hidden Potential for Business and Close More Deals

WhatsApp Business offers a variety of features that are exclusively available for businesses and allows them to take their business and interactions to the next level. Often these features remain underutilized, and business ventures can’t unlock WhatsApp’s potential for business interactions due to a lack of awareness. WhatsApp Business offers numerous opportunities to redefine marketing strategies, tap into media-rich communications and innovate brand interactions which helps gain a competitive edge over other competitors and improve sales.

To know more about how you can use WhatsApp for your business vertical, turn to our experts at or contact us here.