Voicemail without intrusion: Ringless Voicemail in Salesforce for Sales and Recruitment | Voicemail in 360 SMS

Things liked by customers sell effortlessly in the market. And technologies loaded with voice functionalities have now become a new center of attraction.

With minimized usage of handwork, voice features have acquainted users with a revolutionary way of performing usual tasks like turning lights on or off and many more in no time.

So, being no.1 CRM, Salesforce has successfully managed to bring the power of voice to users and let them avail themselves of voice potential for hands-free operations. Thus, the Salesforce native app for texting has made it feasible for its users to record, update, and drop a voice message within seconds through the Ringless Voicedrop feature.

Best of both worlds:                Call-like trust, Text-like ease

Not every time is suitable to reach customers. It may be exasperating for a customer if he is in a meeting and the phone rings. 

But with the Ringless Voicedrop feature, you can cut back on your hassles and clients too. Neither you have to deal with manual text message typing, nor your customers need to deal with irritating untimely phone rings.

Thus, solving two purposes at both ends, the feature lets you record, update, send or schedule voicemails and land it on the users’ screen in the form of a missed call notification.

So, now it’s time to find out how Ringless Voice Drop can prove to be a worthy feature across different verticals.

Bring a Personal-Touch & Project Active Interest, at scale

Customers’ happiness is one of those aspects that nurtures long-term brand-customer relationships. Thus, to foster this, interaction on various festivals is one of the preferred moves opted by businesses. Like, at the inception of the new year, companies can schedule bulk voicemails specifying the time at which messages need to go out using a pre-built new year wish voice template.

Dear customer, Wish You a very Happy and Prosperous New Year From (Brand name)

Stay in touch.

This way, you can eliminate the need for hands-operated text messages or templates and send verbal wishes to your clients even without meeting them in person.  The effect is even greater when coupled with a personalized Sender ID.

Get confirmations, Move through shortlists faster with Pre-recorded Voicemail

Posting jobs and subsequently approaching potential candidates is one of the hairier parts of a recruiter’s workday. The creation of a job post manually and contacting suitable contacts drain a lot of time of recruiters and limit their reach to merely 30-40 candidates in a day.

But with the Ringless Voice drop feature, it’s no big deal to outreach thousands of candidates in a single day by dropping a voicemail mentioning job details and asking them to confirm their interest.

Once the voicemail reaches job-seekers, you can expect numerous responses from interested candidates without making a single call. 

Further, based on their replies, you can take the process forward.

In short, the work which could have taken multiple days to get completed, with voice drop, can be completed within a few hours.

Sales Processes
Ringless VoiceDrop for Sales Process

With a geographically dispersed workforce, it is not easy to get in touch with every sales executive and get updates on deal progress and closures. Connecting with executives over a call drains a lot of time and effort, which ultimately results in reduced efficiency.

Here Ringless Voicedrop feature can be your time-savior to get updates, schedule meetings, find out sales-executive concerns, and much more.

You can record and update the voice template asking about updates, or if the team is facing any issue, etc., and send voicemails in bulk.

Here’re a few examples of voicemails:

“Hey there. I wanted to know if you’re facing any issues and need any help while closing deals. Please reply.”

“Hey team, there’s a meeting at 2:00 pm. Please be available.”

Consequently, you can save much of your time while handling the sales process and streamline it.

Break Ice faster, Use Trusted Voices to build Relationships

With the best usage of voice potential in texting solutions, Ringless Voicedrop not only reduces time consumption but allows you to cut down on hands-use while connecting with customers. Whether it is about taking updates from field executives or sending a verbal wish to customers, this feature can be your biggest savior when limited time and multiple tasks continue to linger on with employees.

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